Christian Death – Only Theatre of Pain – Very Special Vinyl Edition!

A few months ago, we announced that a second pressing of the remastered “parchment” version of Christian Death’s Only Theatre of Pain was in the works, and that the first pressing with its free 7″ single was in short supply.  The latter is still true (so if you don’t have a copy of the first pressing, get it now), but the former statement must be amended.  We ordered a second pressing.  We waited three months for it (blame Record Store Day).  We finally got ‘em back in stock and oops! they’re not quite what we had in mind.  Instead of the parchment jacket, the vinyl showed up in the old black and gold.  The insert, LP labels and music (on white slab) are all from the parchment version.  It is the parchment version.  Except that it’s not.  Because it has a black and gold jacket.  Is Discogs paying attention?  Are you paying attention?  Do you want one? They are a mistake and will never happen again.  Collectible enough for you?

To avoid confusion, if you want the first pressing, select Violet – First Pressing With Ltd 7″.  If you want one of the super-rare mistakes, select White Vinyl/Black Jacket – Hybrid Mistake Pressing Without 7″.

Note that the image above is an artistic rendering of the clash of two jackets and does not represent any actual record.

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