Get Your Jaime Hernandez Boozewax Singles Now!

We got back a few sets of the super limited edition 35th anniversary 7″ singles we did with K&L, St George Spirits and Jaime Hernandez. These were all meant to be given away as a premium with the purchase of one of this year’s special K&L Faultline Spirits releases, but apparently there are some crazy people who bought the alcohol but didn’t want a record. These are really not supposed to be sold separately from the booze, but so many people have begged and pleaded to have them that we figured we’d sell whatever we have ’til they run out (and it’s not a lot). The Ads 7″ is on clear “gin” vinyl; the Weirdos 7″ is on brown “bourbon” vinyl; the Christian Death 7″ in on green “absinthe” vinyl. Sleeve and center label art by Jaime Hernandez. Tracks were remastered for 45 rpm by Paul duGré and they sound fantastic. Only available as a set (and without the booze, of course). $35 for 35 years! Get yours here!

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