Frontier Records Celebrates 35th Anniversary With Punk Booze Promo!

October 14th, 2015

We’re not trying to make you feel old, but Frontier Records is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year!  The traditional 35th anniversary gift is a Camaro, but we are not traditionalists! No, if you’re going to get us anything, we’d prefer it be something with which we can toast to the next 35 years! It would be even better if you’d join us in a toast to us (of course!) and our favorite local booze retailer, K&L Wine Merchants. Label manager Julie struck up a friendship with David Driscoll, K&L’s spirits buyer, a couple of years ago and Frontier and K&L have been working on a collaboration ever since. The original spitballing session went something like this: D: Hey, K&L and Frontier should do something together. J: Great idea! But what? A band in-store would probably break a lot of stuff. D: Maybe we could do some original labeling? J: Have you heard of Jaime Hernandez? D: Shut up! Have you heard of St George Spirits? J: Shut up! We need music for this, right? D: Do you guys make those funny round things called vinyl records? J: We’re so old school, we were doing records back when they were made out of obsidian, son. How ’bout we make one single for each bottle, the same color as the booze? D: Blue curaçao, green apple schnapps and crème de banane!

Okay, so maybe David didn’t suggest that last bit. But we got pretty much everything else on our absurd dream project wish list!

Lisa green-lighted the whole thing, got the bands on board and managed to persuade her old pal Jaime Hernandez to design the bottle labels and the 7″ sleeves for the singles. We got Adolescents making you feel bratty for gin, Weirdos pogo-ing for Bourbon, and Christian Death wailing in your absinthe. And the spirits in those bottles ain’t no swill. It was all made specifically for this project by world-class, award-winning NorCal craft distillery, St George Spirits.

It goes without saying that these booze/vinyl releases are strictly limited. And in keeping with this all-Californian collaboration, they will only be available to purchase at K&L’s three retail locations beginning November 5th.  To celebrate the launch and the anniversary, Lisa and Jaime will be at the Hollywood store to sign your records and bottles! Or just come out to say hi! If you’re up in San Francisco, David Driscoll and St George distiller Dave Smith will be at K&L’s brand new Harrison Street superstore to sign bottles for ya!  All the fun starts at 5pm.

Even more info here!

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Frontier Records to release long out of print LILYS LP, Eccsame the Photon Band

October 7th, 2015

Photo by Noah Greenberg

LILYS etheric second full-length album, Eccsame The Photon Band, has become a shoegaze collector’s favorite. Out of print for twenty years, the highly sought-after, rare first-edition vinyl is nearly impossible to come by. This 21st anniversary re-release includes original artwork and has an enhanced dynamic range with the re-ordering of songs. “The Hermit Crab” has been moved and now begins side two, allowing for a deeper cut of side one and therefore increased audio fidelity, creating a more exciting listening experience than previously available. Eccsame The Photon Band has been described as “one of the LILYS‘ best,” “a hallucinatory revelation” and “a masterpiece of mood, atmosphere and production.”

The first retail pressing of Eccsame, distributed exclusively through ILD and available for purchase from Amazon, is on a ghostly shade of pale vinyl with free digital download. A limited edition of 200, mail-order-only, tri-color splatter vinyl version is also available for pre-order and will begin shipping on 10/29/15 (splatter is now sold out).

In advance of its October 31st street date, Kurt Heasley will perform three exclusive shows on the east coast:

10.09 – Brooklyn, NY – Baby’s All Right (sold out)
10.10 – Philadelphia, PA – Lithuanian Music Hall (sold out)
10.11 – Brooklyn, NY – Baby’s All Right

These are “big band” shows called “Corruption Wrecked My Life,” and feature never-before or rarely performed early material by LILYS – epoch 1, circa 1990 – 1995. Don De Vore (LILYSSICK FEELING) serves as musical director for this one-off event which also features James Richardson and Will Berman (MGMT), Travis Roseberg, Matt Werth (RVNG Intl.), Chris Colley (SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS), and Alex Craig (LIMITED, DUCKTAILS, BIG TROUBLES). The expanded format of “Corruption Wrecked My Life” is another development in THE LILYS ever-revolving lineup that has included more than 72 different musicians since 1991, as well as a myriad of collaborators– Heasley is always pushing the boundaries of his music. These shows can be seen as retrospective performances celebrating the brilliance of his craft and his lasting influence on the past, current and future indie scene.

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