Pre-Order Adolescents’ La Vendetta! Ships 02/10/15!

Pre-order the new Adolescents album, La Vendetta!  Available on LP, CD or digital download, ships on 02/10/15.

The Adolescents celebrate 35 years as a band — and Frontier celebrates the first all-new music it’s put out by the band since 1981 — with the release of La Vendetta… è un piatto che va servito freddo.  La Vendetta… (Sicilian for “Revenge is a dish best served cold”), features 16 tracks of the aggressive hardcore punk the band pioneered.  Socially conscious lyrics take on police brutality, social injustice and nuclear meltdown.  The cover art, by Madrid-based artist Mario Rivière, follows the theme with its depiction of a homeless man beating a pig-faced cop piñata, certainly evocative of the tragic beating death of Kelly Thomas by Fullerton police in 2011.  Nope, the Adolescents have not mellowed with age!

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